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Consulting Services

Paradigm Consulting prides itself on providing value added consulting services. Our business philosophy is “Client for Life” and we stand behind that commitment with providing turnkey solutions adaptable to any size of organization.

Internal Auditing

Our internal auditing services provide independent and professional services for all organizations. Our consultants come from a variety of different industries employing organizations to implement best industry practices.

ISO Standards

Being in standards industry for over a decade, we support many ISO based standards among many others such as AS 9100, ISO/TS 16949, OHSAS 18001, HAACP, etc.


Consulting Solutions

We have identified four core solutions which summarize our business prowess and our commitment to overall client satisfaction.

  • Consulting Packages
    The consulting packages are based on fixed pricing structures, full implementation of standard requirements, pre-audit of entire quality management system, issue of necessary corrective actions & subsequent follow up and facilitation of management review meetings.
  • Internal Auditing Service
    Our trained consultants can facilitate the internal auditing process to ensure continued conformance to standard requirements. The benefits of having our trained consultants conduct internals is that it removes any conflict of interest with concerned parties (ie. you cannot audit yourself). Also since we are not the process owners, this allows for complete independence in performing internal audits of the complete QMS. Lastly we provide an independent professional approach of auditing your processes and provide feedback for best industry practices.
  • QMS Maintenance
    Maintaining your Quality Management System takes up valuable company resources, this solution is geared towards organizations which have limited resources in maintaining their quality management systems. Our trained professional consultants will look after all aspects of the quality management system and provide the necessary feedback for continued performance. We work with your organization to meet the standard requirements and provide value added feedback for continual improvement.
  • Supplier Performance Auditing
    Organizations which have large number of suppliers or are having increasing number of supplier nonconformances this solution is perfect. Our trained and industry experience consultants can perform supplier audits of your existing supplier base to ensure conformance to purchase order requirements. We ensure that all suppliers within an organization’s supply chain are providing quality products/services and we work with suppliers who are deficient.

Professional Approach

Total Client Satisfaction is our goal.
Meeting the goals of our clients is very important to us, therefore we strive to ensure that we addressed all our client needs. Our consultants come from different industry backgrounds to ensure that we understand your organization’s needs so that we can tailor the appropriate solution. Paradigm consultants are professionally trained in the necessary accredited courses for all standards, in addition we keep up to date on relevant changes to ISO based standard requirements and provide this feedback directly to our clients and improve the overall quality management system effectiveness.

Due to the nature of our business, we come across a lot of client confidential information whether during the implementation process or the internal auditing process. All information is safe-guarded and kept strictly confidential both during the client engagement as well as post-client work. All of our clients sign a confidentiality agreement to protect our client’s intellectual property.

Comprehensive Solutions for all Standards

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 13485
  • ISO 17025
  • ISO/TS 16949
  • AS9100
  • HACCPand many more

Industry Sectors Supported

  • Automotive – metal stampings, tool & die mfg, spring mfg
  • Aerospace – harness mfg, part manufacturer’s, distributors, etc.
  • Chemical – distributors, mfg, etc.
  • Design & Engineering – engineering consulting firms
  • Packaging & Logistics – crate mfg, logistic carriers, warehousing & storage
  • Electronics – PCB mfg, PCB assembly,
  • Food – bottling plants, food packaging companies, food processors, etc.
  • Machine Shop & General Manufacturing companies
  • Medical Device Mfg’s
  • Testing Laboratories